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TrackMyROI system is compatible with all types of advertising. We automatically capture your lead information by an automated IVR, PURL, or Live Call Center. This lead information is tailored to your needs and includes the leads contact information. That information is sent to you in real-time by way of email, text messaging, FAX, or smart phone application. Our process is very straight forward…

  • Step 1: Each mail piece or campaign is given a verification code.
  • Step 2: Leads respond to the campaign via #800, PURL, or Smart Phone QR code.
  • Step 3: Their information is stored in our Cloud Based CRM data base that can be accessed from any computer or smart phone with an internet connection.
  • Step 4: The lead information is distributed to your sales people by way of email, SMS text, FAX, or Smart Phone application. We can even push the Lead Data to your store's own CRM.

Our cloud based CRM database not only achieves your lead information, it allows you to down load the raw data in CVS or Excel spreadsheet formats. We can even produce reports that show your campaigns progress using numeratical and graphical representations. These reports help you show the quantitative success of your campaign.